Saturday, June 27, 2009

Connecting with other clay people.

Well, they are actually real people, not "clay" people but they love working in polymer clay like me.

I was excited to have one of my projects published by Cindy Lietz at Cindy is an accompished artist and polymer clay guru. We all love learning from her and talking back on forth. This is a great place to learn and grow in polymer clay.

I also went to the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild ( I know, quite a mouthful) Clay Day today. Got some more great guidance and instruction and met some great people. Their website is at I can' wait for the next Clay Day. There are some really talented people in this group.

And hey, the other day I made my first earwires from wire. What fun. With making my own beads and wirework, soon I will have my very first, totally created by me, piece of jewelry. YEA!

So came home and did a little housework but can't wait to get back to claying and making more jewelry.